Work in Progress: A Site Publishing System

Wednesday, August 30th 2017 — Archived Post

This is an experimental publishing system I am currently building with the MEAN Stack. A good portion of this was inspired by enterprise grade features and best practices I have come to appreciate in the CMS we use in my job but without the more involved development workflow typically associated with Java/J2EE with JCR, OSGi and Sling.

The web application framework on the server side is based on ExpressJS with a MongoDB backend. Persistence is not entirely schema less since I use MongooseJS as the primary data layer. With MongooseJS, I can set arbitrary fields to use freeform JSON content and still retain some reasonable structure in the hierarchy.

Templates are enabled with the power of Jade mixins and are used as partials on the browser side by AngularJS.

The editing UI is based on Bootstrap for AngularJS.