The King's Sardines

Wednesday, April 1st 2009 — Archived Post


Last night as we were wandering around the aisles at Walmart, I was tempted to try this different brand of sardines. At about 3.75 oz they cost a little more than the typical brands that we get at less than $2 a can but still much cheaper than if you get them elsewhere. The labeling boasts 2.8g of Omega-3 and a delicious tradition for over 100 years. With a sales pitch like that, how can I resist?

As it turns out, sardines is not actually a fish species but becomes a sardine by the traditional processing method. There can be as many as 11 different species used in making it. The one I'm most familiar with would be Philippine mackerel.

This is probably the first time I've ever tried brislings in olive oil. They are caught from Norwegian fjords in the North Sea and packaged by the King Oscar company in Poland. They are then distributed in the US by Bumblebee Foods in San Diego, CA.

The taste is mild and complimented well by the olive oil. I imagine this could be good with crackers [SkyFlakes] with a tiny twist of citrus such as lemon or calamansi. This could be a fantastic meal on the hiking trail as well.