San Francisco Oil Spill

Monday, November 19th 2007 — Archived Post

Last Wednesday, a Hong Kong container ship the Cosco Busan on its way out hit the Oakland Bay Bridge spilling some 58,000 gallons of oil on the San Franisco Bay.

As of this morning, currents have pushed the oil up to as far north as the Point Reyes National Seashore a federal marine reserve where some 1,255 dead birds have been collected and 1,023 have been rescued. The elephant seals on its beaches are expected to give birth soon along with migrating gray whales. It's been said that 45 percent of North American birds species have been identified here.

It's disappointing (on so many levels) something like this would happen. I'm sure the businesses at the Fisherman's Wharf who are dependent on the famous Dungeness Crab aren't too happy either. Drake's Bay Oyster Farm provides for 60 percent of California's oyster crop each year and our family enjoy going to their historic store in Point Reyes where you can enjoy them fresh straight out of the water.

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