Yosemite and Mono Lake

Tuesday, June 2nd 2009 — Archived Post






We drove across Tioga Pass on Friday, surprised to find some snow still at 9,000 ft. The thunderstorm and hail eventually subsided by the time we made it down the eastern entrance on our way to Mono Lake.

Saturday, we had a quick breakfast at the Curry Village before our Vernal Fall hike. The mist was at full blast this time of the year and we spent about 30 minutes or so drying up on the granite surface and taking in the view.

To avoid the mist trail on the way back we instead hiked half a mile further up to Clark Point passing by Emerald Pool and Silver Apron. Once again we heard thunder rumbling on the valley's northern side and we could see the dark clouds approaching. We hiked down as fast as we could while trying to avoid stepping on souvenirs left by mules on the zigzagging John Muir Trail.

That same evening, we visited the Le Conte Memorial expecting to hear a presentation about Sound That Nature Makes but actually found ourselves in front of a poetry reading session by shall we say, a nonconventional artist. I guess you could say the Eminem of the Sierra Club (if such a title was ever bestowed!).

I was particularly relieved to hear the feedback from another lady the following day who summed it up candidly: that was WEIRD!.

Sunday was less hectic. Took some photos around the valley and wrapped up with an impromptu picnic by the Swinging Bridge before heading back down to the Bay Area.

Long weekends are never long enough.

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