Artificial Perfume Materials

Monday, February 27th 2023

There are several artificial ingredients commonly used in perfumery, including:

  1. Iso E Super: a woody, musky scent that adds depth and longevity to fragrances
  2. Hedione: a floral aroma molecule that gives a fresh and clean impression
  3. Ambroxan: a synthetic version of ambergris, which adds warmth and depth to fragrances
  4. Calone: a synthetic marine note that evokes the smell of sea breeze and ocean
  5. Galaxolide: a synthetic musk that adds a smooth and powdery quality to fragrances
  6. Ethyl Vanillin: a synthetic version of vanilla, which adds sweetness and warmth to fragrances
  7. Cashmeran: a musky and woody scent with a hint of spice and sweetness.

These ingredients are often used in combination with natural ingredients to create unique and complex fragrance compositions.