Julia Child Fun Facts

Tuesday, February 28th 2023

Julia Child was a fascinating and charismatic figure in the culinary world. Here are some fun facts about her:

  1. Julia Child was a member of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), during World War II. She worked as a research assistant and helped develop shark repellent used to protect underwater explosives.

  2. Julia Child was a towering 6 feet 2 inches tall, which made her stand out in a crowd.

  3. Julia Child was a lover of cats and had several throughout her life, including Minette, who she acquired in France, and Kitty, who she received as a gift from a friend.

  4. Julia Child was an accomplished writer and not just in the culinary world. She wrote several books outside of cooking, including her memoir "My Life in France" and the novel "Murder in the Kitchen."

  5. Julia Child was a huge fan of butter and believed it was the key to good cooking. She famously said, "With enough butter, anything is good."

  6. Julia Child was a television pioneer and introduced cooking shows to a wide audience. Her first show, "The French Chef," debuted in 1963 and aired for 10 years.

  7. Julia Child was a lifelong learner and continued to take cooking classes throughout her career, including classes at the Ecole des Trois Gourmandes in Paris and the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.

  8. Julia Child was an advocate for sustainable and organic farming practices and often incorporated locally sourced ingredients in her cooking.

  9. Julia Child was a prolific correspondent and wrote thousands of letters to friends, fans, and fellow chefs throughout her life.

  10. Julia Child was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States, in 2003 in recognition of her contributions to the culinary arts.