Napa Valley Food and Travel

Tuesday, February 28th 2023

Here are some titles which combine food and travel writing about Napa Valley.

  1. "The Table Comes First: Family, France, and the Meaning of Food" by Adam Gopnik: This book explores the relationship between food, culture, and society through the lens of a family's trip to Napa Valley.

In this book, Gopnik explores the evolution of the modern food culture and its relationship with France, the home of haute cuisine. He shares his insights on the importance of food and how it brings people together, using his own experiences with food and his family to illustrate the point.

  1. "Adventures on the Wine Route: A Wine Buyer's Tour of France" by Kermit Lynch: While this book is primarily about the author's travels in France, it also includes a section on Napa Valley and the impact of French winemaking techniques on the region.

In this memoir, Lynch shares his adventures as a wine buyer in France, visiting wineries and discovering new and interesting wines. He also provides insights into the wine-making process and the importance of terroir in producing high-quality wine.

  1. "Napa at Last Light: America's Eden in an Age of Calamity" by James Conaway: This book is a combination of travel writing and investigative journalism, exploring the history and current state of Napa Valley's wine industry.

  2. "The Taste of Place: A Cultural Journey into Terroir" by Amy Trubek: This book looks at the concept of terroir (the idea that the flavor of a food or drink is influenced by its environment) through the lens of Napa Valley's wine industry.

Trubek explores the concept of terroir, which refers to the environmental factors that influence the taste and quality of wine, cheese, and other foods. Through interviews with winemakers, cheesemakers, and other food producers, she shows how terroir is an expression of culture and place.

  1. "The New California Wine: A Guide to the Producers and Wines Behind a Revolution in Taste" by Jon Bonné: While this book is primarily a guide to California's new wave of winemakers, it includes a section on Napa Valley and its role in the state's wine industry.

Bonné explores the new generation of winemakers in California who are breaking with tradition and producing wines that reflect their unique terroir. He also explores the cultural and social factors that are influencing the evolution of California's wine industry, and provides recommendations for wines to try.