Notable Greek Stoic Philosophers

Thursday, March 16th 2023

The most notable Greek philosophers of Stoicism are:

  1. Zeno of Citium (334 BC - 262 BC) - Zeno is considered the founder of Stoicism. He taught that the path to happiness and inner peace was through living in accordance with nature and developing self-control.

  2. Cleanthes (c. 330 BC - 232 BC) - Cleanthes was a student of Zeno and became the second head of the Stoic school after his death. He emphasized the importance of living in harmony with the universe and the divine.

  3. Chrysippus (c. 280 BC - c. 206 BC) - Chrysippus was the third head of the Stoic school and made significant contributions to Stoic philosophy. He emphasized the importance of logic and the role of determinism in the universe.

  4. Epictetus (c. 50 AD - c. 135 AD) - Epictetus was a Greek philosopher who lived during the Roman Empire. He taught that the key to a fulfilling life was to focus on what is within one's control and accept what is outside of one's control.

  5. Marcus Aurelius (121 AD - 180 AD) - Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor and Stoic philosopher. He wrote the book "Meditations," which offers personal reflections on Stoic philosophy and has become a classic text on the subject.

These philosophers, along with others who contributed to Stoic philosophy, continue to influence modern thinking on topics such as ethics, personal development, and resilience.