Oahu Folklore - Night Marchers

Monday, March 13th 2023

Another popular folklore about Oahu is the legend of the Night Marchers, which is a ghostly procession of ancient Hawaiian warriors that are said to roam the island at night.

According to the legend, the Night Marchers are the spirits of Hawaiian warriors who died in battle and are now on their way to the afterlife. They are said to carry torches, wear feather cloaks, and chant ancient Hawaiian prayers as they march through the night.

The legend goes that if you happen to be out at night and hear the sound of drums and chanting in the distance, you should immediately move to the side of the road or pathway and look down at the ground, as making eye contact with the Night Marchers is said to be a death sentence.

It is also said that if you hear the Night Marchers approaching and have a relative or ancestor who was a Hawaiian warrior, you can call out their name and ask for protection. The Night Marchers are said to be respectful of those with warrior blood and may spare them.

Today, the legend of the Night Marchers remains a popular part of Hawaiian folklore, and many locals and visitors alike report hearing the eerie chanting and drumming in the night, adding to the mystique and magic of the islands.