San Francisco Notable Filipino Bakeries

Tuesday, February 28th 2023

San Francisco has several notable Filipino bakeries that offer traditional Filipino baked goods and pastries, as well as fusion creations. Here are a few of them:

  1. House of Silvanas - House of Silvanas is a popular Filipino bakery that specializes in silvanas, a Filipino dessert made with buttercream and cashew meringue layers. They also offer other Filipino pastries like ensaymadas, hopias, and polvorones.

  2. 180 Bakery - 180 Bakery is a Filipino bakery that offers traditional Filipino baked goods like pan de sal, pan de coco, and empanadas. They also offer fusion pastries like their popular Ube Cinnamon Roll.

  3. Chomp N Swig - Chomp N Swig is a Filipino-American bakery that specializes in fusion pastries like their Ube Cruffin, a croissant-muffin hybrid filled with ube pastry cream. They also offer other Filipino-inspired pastries like their Buko Pandan Croissant and Choco-Mallow Ensaymada.

  4. Pampalasa - Pampalasa is a Filipino-American bakery that offers a variety of Filipino-inspired pastries, breads, and cakes. Some of their popular items include their Ube Loaf, Cheese Ensaymada, and Mango Cream Cake.

  5. Manila Oriental Market & Video - While primarily a Filipino grocery store, Manila Oriental Market & Video also has a small bakery section that offers traditional Filipino pastries like pan de sal, ensaymadas, and hopias.

These are just a few of the many notable Filipino bakeries in San Francisco.