SF Bay Area Notable Dining Establishments

Tuesday, February 28th 2023
  1. Chez Panisse - Founded in 1971 by Alice Waters, Chez Panisse is considered the birthplace of California cuisine, which emphasizes locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. The restaurant is known for its fixed-price menu and its commitment to sustainable agriculture.

  2. The French Laundry - Opened in 1978 in Yountville, the French Laundry is considered one of the finest restaurants in the world. Chef Thomas Keller's creative and refined dishes have earned the restaurant numerous accolades and awards.

  3. Zuni Cafe - Zuni Cafe, opened in 1979, is a beloved San Francisco institution known for its wood-fired oven, excellent coffee, and cozy atmosphere. The restaurant is particularly famous for its roasted chicken, which is widely regarded as one of the best in the country.

  4. Tadich Grill - Founded in 1849, Tadich Grill is the oldest continuously operating restaurant in California. The restaurant is known for its fresh seafood, particularly its cioppino, a classic San Francisco dish made with fish, shellfish, and tomato-based broth.

  5. Swan Oyster Depot - Opened in 1912, Swan Oyster Depot is a tiny seafood market and counter service restaurant that has become a San Francisco icon. The restaurant is known for its fresh oysters, crab cocktails, and clam chowder.

  6. Gary Danko - Opened in 1999, Gary Danko is a modern French-American restaurant in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf neighborhood. The restaurant is known for its impeccable service, elegant atmosphere, and innovative tasting menus.

  7. Boulevard - Boulevard, located in the heart of San Francisco, has been serving contemporary American cuisine since 1993. The restaurant is known for its sophisticated dishes, impeccable service, and stunning views of the San Francisco Bay.

  8. State Bird Provisions - State Bird Provisions, opened in 2012, is a casual and playful small plates restaurant that has quickly become a San Francisco favorite. The restaurant is known for its creative and constantly changing menu, which draws inspiration from a wide range of global cuisines.

  9. The Slanted Door - The Slanted Door, located in San Francisco's Ferry Building, is a modern Vietnamese restaurant that has been instrumental in introducing Vietnamese cuisine to the Bay Area. The restaurant is known for its fresh and flavorful dishes, which are often served family-style.

  10. Camino - Camino, located in Oakland, is a wood-fired restaurant that celebrates the simplicity of California cuisine. The restaurant is known for its rustic atmosphere, open kitchen, and farm-to-table menu that changes daily based on the availability of ingredients.

Each of these restaurants has made significant contributions to the culinary arts and culture in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, and has helped to establish the region as a center of innovation and creativity in the food world.