Custom Directives in Markdown

Friday, February 3rd 2023

Markdown Directives from Notecards!

Here's a bunch of tests for Custom Markdown directives using remark-directive and remark-directive-rehype. The idea was to design a schema for the {id} attribute that we can later parse to load the corresponding assets from the "DAM" then render them with a mapped React component.

Image Grids

No images found.

::nc[Album in Grid Layout]{#album-grid/mj-acanthus}

No images found.

::nc[Tagged Images in Grid Layout]{#tag-grid/demo}

Swiper Carousel

::nc[Album in Carousel Layoutl]{#album-carousel/mj-acanthus}
::nc[Tagged Images in Carousel Layoutl]{#tag-carousel/demo}

Individual Images

::nc[Individual Image from Assets]{#image/63c4757719fc9f402a20c6bf}
::nc[Another Image]{#image/63c4757719fc9f402a20c62c}

::nc[Goldfish x Anubias]{#image/63d720f7d27274b93d6d3203}


Sunday, February 5th 2023

Video Components

Extending Markdown with custom plugins is mostly dependent on reliably parsing directives and mapping that data into the corresponding React component. These are implemented as block level Leaf Directives.

Container Directives with its larger capacity has the potential for richer components similar to MermaidJS, and PlantUML.

Test Vimeo Embeds

::vimeo[CSM Farmers Market]{#137782295}

Test Youtube Embeds

::youtube[The Venice Photobook now available on]{#uTpuHh58SpE}

Markdown Test Unit

Sunday, January 22nd 2023

This is a test suite of various GFM markup.

A paragraph with emphasis and strong importance.

Ola ola ola

Ola ola ola

Ola ola ola

Ola ola ola

Ola ola ola
Ola ola ola

Javascript Codeblock

import fake from 'some-npm'; console.log('Test JavaScript CodeBlock.');


A block quote with strikethrough and a URL:

Bacon ipsum dolor amet doner chislic cow ham hock andouille. Alcatra pork chuck, short loin pastrami meatloaf sirloin bacon capicola. Filet mignon shank jowl, tongue shankle ham hock meatloaf tail buffalo tenderloin capicola. Kevin flank ham hock, tongue andouille venison leberkas chicken beef sirloin. Turducken filet mignon porchetta cupim pancetta. Leberkas pork tenderloin doner.

Unordered List

  • List Item
  • List Item
  • List Item
    • List Item
      • List Item
      • List Item

Ordered List

  1. first list item
  2. second list item
  3. third list item
    1. sub item
    2. sub item


  • todo
  • done

term1 : definition1 one blah blah blah

term2 : definition2 two blah blah blah

Subscript: H2O

Superscript: c^2^ = a^2^ + b^2^

An HTML Table

test first columntest second column
againtest again

Scalable Vector Graphics. Nice!

Test 1

Test 2


Sunday, February 5th 2023

Bacon Ipsum

Just placeholder text. Move along!

Bacon ipsum dolor amet alcatra tail turducken pastrami ground round leberkas swine. Hamburger ball tip porchetta tongue capicola, alcatra leberkas shank chuck cow tail meatloaf shoulder doner burgdoggen. Porchetta bacon corned beef prosciutto, leberkas tail alcatra turkey turducken doner beef cow venison chuck. Capicola rump andouille pastrami porchetta hamburger, ham chuck landjaeger biltong filet mignon spare ribs ground round t-bone sirloin. Rump short loin boudin bacon alcatra spare ribs cow ball tip meatball corned beef chuck beef.

Short ribs kevin ribeye tenderloin fatback, tri-tip bacon turducken chislic capicola shankle hamburger ham hock. Meatball flank filet mignon picanha ham beef ribs spare ribs corned beef turkey sausage. Picanha short loin shoulder ribeye short ribs ball tip andouille. Rump tongue ham sausage, pig doner kevin. Sausage pig ball tip, tenderloin jowl ham hock landjaeger rump chuck capicola andouille cow sirloin. Kevin turkey venison turducken chuck salami. Tri-tip tenderloin filet mignon, ham shoulder jowl boudin.

Ground round shank tail chislic jerky strip steak kevin. Tenderloin cupim drumstick ham pork loin pig. Spare ribs strip steak pork belly, kielbasa boudin pancetta pork venison beef ribs meatball meatloaf pig prosciutto tongue. Alcatra chicken andouille buffalo. Spare ribs rump brisket sausage cupim pork chop sirloin chuck pork loin tail. Capicola pork chop brisket ground round drumstick.

Pork loin pig sausage pork belly pork chop shoulder. Kevin chislic turkey alcatra beef venison strip steak ham fatback tongue ham hock frankfurter bresaola. Andouille alcatra sirloin bacon pancetta beef ribs chicken turducken cow prosciutto shoulder shankle landjaeger filet mignon. Ham hock hamburger pork pig shank ham alcatra t-bone ball tip meatball brisket. Ball tip pancetta andouille hamburger pastrami chuck. Turkey beef ribs andouille sirloin brisket jerky pork belly leberkas.

Rump chislic andouille chuck jerky. Frankfurter alcatra beef ham hock bresaola pancetta burgdoggen. Chicken shoulder ham frankfurter, filet mignon picanha pastrami. Rump meatball porchetta flank doner buffalo hamburger ham hock corned beef boudin tail capicola short ribs beef.