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Monday, November 14th 2022

Hello, my name is Kyo Suayan. I have been building websites since 1995.

I am currently solving some interesting problems as a Senior Software Engineer at Stanford Health Care doing a combination of Front End and Back End development work on Adobe Experience Manager, a Content Management System based on the Java Content Repositorystandard.

I consider myself fortunate for having the opportunity to work on Electronic Art's SimCity relaunch in 2013 under the revived Maxis Studio. It was there where I worked on Front End UI using Google's ClosureJS library. At the time, it was a pretty novel idea to build in-game user interface with HTML5, CSS, with JavaScript but some briliant folks in our team built one cool production tool on top of EA Webkit (see video below). Prior to that our team was also a part of the Sims 4 Development Team that worked on the J2EE Back End portion with Spring MVC.

In another past life, I was a VP of Applications Programming at Bank of America in the eCommerce Technology Group where I saw the site grow from 5 million to 21 million users. We have gone through several merger transitions among them Merril-Lynch, MBNA, Countrywide Financial, along with several regional banks such as FleetBoston and LaSalle Bank. I got to work on the early WAP/WML based version of the site for early mobile devices. I also got to hone my J2EE development skills with Apache Struts and the Spring MVC Framework after we migrated from our multi-data center installation of ColdFusion. During this time, I am particularly proud of the work we've done on the Higher Standards branding launch, and the Search Engine Upgrade which lead to a US patent being granted in 2012 (USPTO 8,271,509).

Overall it has been a fun ride so far. I constantly seek opportunities to work in areas where I can fuse together creative work with some problem solving. It is truly an exciting time to be in Software Engineering.

Download my Web Developer Resume in PDF format.


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