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Saturday, January 28th 2023

Various tracks I've produced with music software. It all started with a PC app called Impulse Tracker back in the 90s.

I fiddled with an early version of Propellerhead Rebirth-338 before really getting into it with Propellerhead Reason with its virtual rack. For me the fun thing about it was being able to shape sound all within software.

I grew up on 80s music and that was an era when New Wave dominated the dorm rooms and dance floors of my high school.

At the time, I could only dream of some day playing with musical intstruments which were practically unattainable. Many of those hardware synths are only maintained by collectors or hardware archives. But fast forward to the present and here we are with all the technology available to us even on little phones in your pocket. Music technology has evolved quite a bit and it's crazy.

Only You

Yazoo Cover. Allison Moyet was probably among the underrated musicians of her time. Her performance for the Burberry fashion show proves that she's still got it.

A Remix: More to Lose by Seona Dancing

I probably edited this in Ableton Live 5 cause working with looks is so easy in that application. A mainstay of eighties dance floors back in the day. And yes, that's Ricky Gervais on vocals.

U2 Cover - City of Blinding Lights

More recently produced on Apple Logic. It's important for me to make the sound as natural as possible. These are all in MIDI.

Madonna Cover - Borderline

A looping ring tone. Gotta have some Madonna that's for sure.

Sound of Silence/Scarborough Fair Medley

Just playing around with virtual pianos and reverbs here.


description: Some tracks I've produced with various music software.
reason 12
ableton live
apple logic