Notecards: A Work In Progress

Monday, January 23rd 2023

This website is a personal project based on a tech stack powered by JavaScript.

Framework is running on NextJS with its React DOM hydration feature. Persistence is provided by MongoDB. CSS Styling is based on a combination of TailwindCSS for published pages, and forms use the React JSON Schema Form modules for declarative approach. This also started out as my sandbox in my experiments with Facebook's Draft.js and visual page authoring is currently built around Megadraft.js.

I realized that many of today's modern WebKit based apps that specialize in content creation and authoring now take advantage of ASTs as provided for by Unified, Remark and Rehype which is a far more elegant way of manipulating textual data like plain text and Markdown.

Testament to Markdown's explosion in popularity are the exciting developments in the project which is a superb and highly extensible tool for Personal Knowledge Management. It is no big surprise that its plugins are also based Unified, Remark and Rehype.

You can find my Markdown experiments here, based on the Unified/Remark project currently in progress.

On the image processing side of things, I am currently using Sharp for generating the various renditions of photos you will find across these pages, coming soon. I extract various metadata embedded in photos from my Adobe Lightroom Classic and Apple Photos libraries and add some annotation during the ingestion phase. Bits and pieces of information are extracted from EXIF and IPTC embedded in the images themselves as well basic filesystem attributes. Here is one such photo album, The Year in Photos for 2022 and another tag-based view for Photos from Italy.

I will expand on these image collections in due time. Thank you!


description: This site is a personal project based on a text stack powered by JavaScript.