Perfumery in Tuscany, Italy

Monday, February 27th 2023

Tuscany, Italy has a rich history in perfumery dating back to the Renaissance period. The region is known for producing high-quality raw materials, particularly flowers, that are used in perfumery. Tuscany's climate and soil are particularly well-suited for cultivating plants such as iris, jasmine, and rose, which are used in many perfumes.

Tuscany is also home to several prominent perfume designers and houses, including:

  1. Lorenzo Villoresi: Founded in Florence in 1990 by Lorenzo Villoresi, this house is known for creating artisanal perfumes using traditional methods and high-quality natural ingredients.

  2. Santa Maria Novella: This historic perfumery was founded by Dominican friars in the 13th century and is one of the oldest in the world. Today, it is known for creating classic and timeless fragrances using natural ingredients.

  3. Aquaflor: Founded by Sileno Cheloni in 2007, Aquaflor is a niche perfumery that focuses on creating unique and evocative scents inspired by Tuscany's natural beauty and history.

Some fun facts about Tuscany and perfumery include:

  1. The town of Florence is home to the Museo del Profumo (Perfume Museum), which showcases the history and art of perfume-making in Tuscany and beyond.

  2. Tuscany is home to the world-famous Tuscan Leather fragrance by Tom Ford, which features notes of leather, saffron, and raspberry.

  3. Many of the ingredients used in Tuscan perfumes, such as iris and rose, are still hand-picked and processed using traditional methods.

  4. The town of Pistoia, located in the heart of Tuscany, hosts an annual flower market that attracts visitors from around the world and is a source of many of the region's perfumery materials.